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Welcome to FOXSAT DISK

The home of the Humax Freesat+ PVR's bright future!

This is a wiki dedicated to making modifications to get to the FOXSAT-HDR's internal disk, and to its contents in turn. This wiki is much like the HumaxDisk wiki that was created to access the Humax Freeview PVR: the 9200T. To find about more about the Humax Freesat+ FOXSAT-HDR, click here to visit its wiki.

What is this wiki trying to achieve?

The point of this wiki is to create a cable modification that will allow us to easily access the HDR's HDD and its internals. Why would we want to do this? Well, admittedly, we are in a different situation to the original 9200T, as the USB transfer speed of the HDR is 3 times faster than the 9200T, but there is still room for improvements. The transfer speed, together with the two facts, that transferring recordings off the HDR is quite a painful experience and HD recordings can not be transferred, not only creates a need for a faster and easier method, but also one that will possibly lead us to the ability of archiving HD recordings too.

Where do we start?

The first thing we need to do is get our hands on a Humax FOXSAT-HDR digital hard disk recorder! And then pop open the lid to find out and confirm the hard drive used and pull it out for it to be analysed! This thread here details the HDR's internal drive being upgraded, which is all fine and good for extra storage capacity, but it does not help us in the slightest!
The internal HDD is a 3.5" Seagate 320Gb SATA PipelineHD. The next step is to take it, plug it into a PC and analyse what filesystem is on it! Click here! We will then make the SATA to eSATA cable modification! And click here!

What's in it for me?

Obviously, you need to consider whether all this effort will be successful and whether you will get any benefit out it. If you intend to upgrade the hard drive for more storage capability, then hold it. Consider the pros and cons of this modification before you purchase that 1TB replacement hard drive!

Where do I go next?

This is a good question! The answer is 'Where do you want to go?"! :)

son_t, 16/12/2008